Assignment 1: Introduction

Hello. The name’s Rod. I’m majoring in Biological Sciences to pave the way eventually to Medical school. Been dreaming of becoming a doctor ever since I was five. Other than my interests in Medical Science or Science in general, I have a passion for writing. I love stories in general, especially ones that have something to say. I think that even the smallest of microorganisms have something to say, a story to tell. I try to find that in everything I do. Anyway, if you want to be my friend, talk to me about Back to the Future, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, and/or Stranger Things. I am obsessed with those.

Sunglasses at night. Groan. I know. But it wasn’t me trying to be cool. My right eye at the time was irritated, okay? See, I’m reasonable. Photo taken at Sydney, Australia.
I was an ’80s kid back in 2009. I still am.