Introducing Myself (Assignment 1)


Hello All,

My name is Ariana Casey and I am returning to classes after having graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biological Science plus a minor in Japanese.   When I finished classes in May last year, I still had no idea what I wanted to do (well, still don’t fully) and it was a really stressful summer trying to find something I felt passionate about.   That’s when I rediscovered Radiological Technology as a possible career path.   I’m back in classes this semester to do Medical Terminology so that I can apply to the Rad Tech Program through a CTC and UAA partnership.   Since I’m back to school, I decided to take Microbiology just in case I go for Med School (not really my thing, but I don’t know if I might change my mind later in life).   To be in full-time student status (and also because I have loved art since my earliest memories), I am also in two art classes -Printmaking plus Color and Design.   Alongside classes, I am also working in the Institute of Arctic Biology as a Lab Safety Assistant and am planning my wedding.

This is me at my friends’ house, posing with their cute dog, Midnight.