Extra Credit: Simon Lax seminar (Feb. 10, 3 pm)


For extra credit, you can either attend or watch online later a special seminar by guest speaker Simon Lax.  

Seminar time and place: Friday, Feb. 10, 3-4 pm, Murie Auditorium

The seminar recording will be available  here  within a week following the seminar.

Deadline: Feb. 24

For 5 pts extra credit:

Write a 2-paragraph website post addressing the following items.

Be sure to categorize your post as “ExtraCredit” Simon Lax”

  1. Summary of the major points of the seminar
  2. Reflections on the seminar. This should include your thoughts about it, any critical comments, discussion of at least one way it connects to things you’ve learned in BIOL 342 class, and at least one question that you have about microbiological aspects of the seminar.