Extra Credit: Simon Lax

Simon Lax’s presentation encompasses bacterial interactions within a normal household environment and how bacterial movement and interactions occur in a hospital setting. He retrieved his data from several houses and a hospital/clinic, and he discussed how microbes can leave microbial signatures along their surroundings and how they are more prevalent the longer the microbes are present in that certain environment.

As for the hospital setting, Simon Lax retrieved his data from various hospital rooms, hospital floors, door knobs, doors, patients, and etc. He then used this data to study and compare the microbiomes that were found. Simon Lax also made concrete graphs and tables that explained his data efficiently.

I really liked how detailed and organized Simon Lax’s presentation was, especially the data that he presented. What really peaked my interest was the concept of microbial signatures because its interesting how microbes interact with their surroundings. Also, I find it interesting that the longer a person stayed in their specific environment, the more similar the microbes are to each other.