Painting with Microbes

I wanted to choose something to paint with that was simple and did not require a lot of colors because there was not a lot to work with. Overall, I like the way that my paintings turned out because I had no idea what to expect since the bacteria needed to be incubated to grow. The TSA plate had the best results, showing the three bacterial strains that I used. The painting still showed up pretty well on the MAC plate with the red being very prominent, although the plate itself did not really show any color change. This could be due to not incubating it long enough, or the bacterial strains I used were not reacting with the pH in the agar. However, the painting did not really come out on the EMB plate, with only one, maybe two, bacterial strains showing up. This could also be because I did not incubate the plate long enough of the bacteria were not enteric or do not ferment lactose.