Painting with Microbes

My artistic intent was to draw a picture using microbes whose colors would grow in contrast to the agar plates. My goal was almost accomplished except for the MAC plate. For the MAC plate my goal was for the agar to stay pink, with the a white flower drawn in the agar; but I ended up selecting microbes that increase the pH of the agar and changing the color from pink to colorless, not allowing us to see the flower very well. My EMB plate had some bubbles in the agar, which is why I drew a fish in an attempt to make it an “aquatic scene.” Neisseria flava  ferment lactose which is how the outline of the fish turned out so well. My favorite piece of “art” is the tree on the TSA plate. Although it was easiest to determine how the colors would turn out on the plate, I just love the idea of pink leaves on a tree! Serratia marcescens  ended up being very thick on the plate and created the nice bright pink color!