Painting with Microbes

My artistic intent for the TSA plate was a typical tree. I just thought of the word microbes, and for some reason I imagined a tree, because of how abundant and how diverse they are. I think the color from this media added a nice effect around the tree which kind of resembles the color of grass in my opinion. As for the EMB media, I decided to design it with a swirl in the middle that has four arrow-looking shapes on different directions. However, It didn’t turn out how I envisioned it to be. Lastly, for the MAC media, I decided to create a flame-looking microbe art. I thought that the Media color will be vital for this art because it can add another shade of reddish color (not sure exactly what’s the color of it). I used the red/pink microbes for the main body and the outline of the fire, and I did use the yellow microbes inside the fire, unfortunately it didn’t show up as much.