Microbial Art

Through all the [gram]negative blows UAF has been taking recently, remember that there is always room for beauty and creativity.
Because EMB is selective for gram-negative species, I used 2 different gram negative strains to create the UAF-EMB plate. EMB  is also  a differential medium,  sucrose within the EMB allows for fermentation leading to a color change in the eosin dye. Both strains were fermenters, and therefore produced a red (species produced less acid) and black coloration. I used 2 different species in order to have varying color throughout the plate.

I wanted this plate to illustrate the awesome concepts we get to explore here at UAF through our science programs. We obviously need greater awareness.

Sunny side up

I really just wanted to make a cool, sun/mandala-type design with the TSA plate… My goal was to incorporate many colors… especially bright colors