Microbial Canvases

My microbial paintings don’t have much of a theme to them, I just made the first three things that popped into my head as I sat in the lab, casting about for ideas.

First, on TSA, we have some ungodly reaction going on in an uncorked test tube. I am reminded of a colorimetric analysis of phytochemicals I did last summer where the solvent reacted with the test reagents and made a Serratia-like color rather than the ivory I was expecting.

Second is my somewhat feeble attempt to create the effect of nebulosity with MacConkey agar. I was trying to make a barred spiral galaxy. I got a mess. It did create the effect of nebulosity, though.

Lastly, a rendition of my favorite Esports ┬áteam’s logo. Google Echo Fox if you want to see what it’s supposed to look like. I don’t want to talk about it.

The spelling of Echo as “Ekko” is something of a joke if you know anything about League of Legends.