Painting with Microbes

For the project “Painting with Microbes’, I chose to tell about cold winters in Fairbanks. The time when people see a lot of Northern Lights, try to stay warm, and dream about spring to arrive faster. That’s why the following “paintings’ were named “The warming fire’, “Aurora Borealis’, and “The Chamomile’, respectively.

The TSA plate with “The Chamomile’ on it was inoculated with K. rhizophila, B. cereus, and P. aeroginoza to produce yellow, off-white, and clear-green colors, respectively. The TSA medium is just complex, not selective. So, the “colors” from bacteria turned out just right.

The EMB medium is both selective and differential. The EMB is selective medium for Gram-negative bacteria and the plate was inoculated with S. marcescens for “The Warming Fire’ project. This microorganism is Gram-negative and produce less acid which turn the media color pink to “reddish”.

On the selective and differential MAC media, the “yellow’ stars are “made of’ K.rhizophila,  a Gram-negative microorganism.