Extra Credit: Microbial Worlds

Emergence: The Warming Climate is Waking Up Sleeping Microbes by Nancy Hausle-Johnson

I found this piece very pleasing. The striking colors and patterns made it very interesting to look at. I feel like this piece does embody the concept of waking microbes. The different sections hint that the microbes on top are waking up while the ones on the bottom are poised to make their appearance.

Permafrost Warming  by Mariah Henderson & Eric Henderson

I found it very interesting that so many pieces were over permafrost thawing. However, it does make sense since the thawing permafrost will have such a strong effect on our lives. This piece, I feel, is one of the best representations of thawing permafrost. In the first picture, you can see what looks like blue ice cycles and then small amounts of microbes. Then in the second picture, the ice cycles are absent and the picture is dominated by the growth of the microbes that have been released after the thaw. I think that it is very aesthetically pleasing and would not have done anything differently.

Inoculation The 1%  by Mariah Henderson & Eric Henderson

This piece makes me think of our term project. I had always wondered just how microbes were culture and after lab I now know. It still astounds me that less than 1% of bacterial species can actually be cultured like this. This also makes me wonder what bacteria is present from my collection site that I  was unable to culture.


I find it interesting how microbes are able to transfer genes horizontally to aid in resistance to antibiotics. I do not know how I would have shown this for sure by I might have used conjugation or transduction. I would have picked these two because I think that they will be easiest to show with the most aesthetic appeal.