O.G.C. Club

The idea behind O.G.C. Club, or Optimal Growing Conditions Club, came when we discussed optimal growing conditions for microbes. I wanted to have a creative way of showing a microbe finding its optimal growing conditions. The microbe pictured is on a journey to find where it would grow the best by going down a hallway, opening each door to a new environment, and deciding what environment has the best conditions. The first door with a flower on it represents a soil environment that needs microbes to carry out decomposition in order to help release nutrients to facilitate plant-growth. The next door with the waves on it represents an aquatic environment, specifically the ocean. The ocean is salty meaning that halophilic microbes are going to thrive in that type of environment. The door that the microbe is opening and seeing an erupting volcano represents heat, which thermophiles will grow best in. The last door represents a frozen lake with methane bubbles, so the microbes, specifically archaea, would most likely be found occupying that environment.