Art Project-Microbes in the Solar System

For my art project I decided to paint the planets with microbes and talk about if any microbes were found on each planet, what types they would be based on the planets environment and resources available. I decided to do this because the guest lecture on microbes in space was really interesting and I thought that this would be a fun way to learn more.

This link will go to my presentation, below I have attached my notes for each slide.


Generally thermophilic microbes are archaea, the highest temperatures that a microbe can survive is 250 F. Since the surface of Mercury can range anywhere from -250 F to 800 F microbes wouldn’t be able to withstand such extreme temperature.


Scientists believe that there could be life forms in the clouds that surround Venus. The surface is to hot but at higher elevations its possible that temperatures can cool down enough to sustain life. There is evidence to suggests that microbes once existed when Venus first formed and that they adapted to the environment in the clouds over the years. the microbes that would be found are anaerobic lithoautotrophs microbes.


In this class we have learned all about the microbes present on earth. Here are some microbes that we have learned about.


Anaerobic lithoautotrophs, oligotrophs, and thermophiles would all be the types of microbes that could live on Mars. There has been evidence of ice on Mars which means that there could have once been microbes.


No microbes could withstand the extreme temperatures. However if they could the type of microbe that would live in the hydrogen and helium rich environment would most likely be Anaerobic, extremophilic bacteria


Saturn is very similar to Jupiter as far as the environments go, so similar microbes would live there as well.


If the temperatures can be adapted to the resources available could allow numerous microbes to survive. The availability of water and methane really opens up the range of microbes that could survive there.


Neptune has a very similar atmospheric makeup as Uranus. So microbes found on Neptune would be similar to those found on Uranus.