Microbes in Vaccines that made it to the “News”

Article:  Measles Vaccine Suspected Of ‘Horrific Rashes, Illnesses’


Source: Helenesco of Vaxxter April 18th, 2017

Summary: Some “parents” on social media have posted complaining that their children had horrid skin rashes, muscle pains, and fever after vaccinating them with a MR vaccine. Since the only information out there was posted on social media with no doctor’s note or anything the ministry that vaccinated  the children is stating that there is not enough evidence to support their claims (Interesting side note, president Trump is apparently attempting to establish a Vaccine Safety Committee).

Connections: We just got done with the topic of vaccination and how some people see it as a harmful process, so I thought this article would fit perfectly.

Critical Analysis: The website this came from boasts to be “The Ultimate Guide to Vaccine News and Anti-Pharma News, and More,” so naturally the information does portray the information in a sort of biased way, but not as much as I suspected it would. The information is portrayed in a much more factual manner than I thought it would be, and for the most part the bias is minor, plus it does a decent job of getting the information across to many types of people. That being said, the information is only semi-credible most of the time and the potential problem is displayed in such a way that it is highly suggested to be the fault of vaccines, so the most you can do is take it with a grain of salt and acknowledge that it could be a problem due to the vaccines, or not.

Question: If the vaccines did give the children all the symptoms they listed, did it come about as a result of an slip-up in vaccine creation, or some other reason?