Bacteriophages the Soldiers of the Future

Bacteriophages, natural drugs to combat superbugs


April 18, 2017


Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine as well as the VA have found a way to decrease the level of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in lab mice. They are using bacteriophages to target the resistant bacteria that they have infected mice with. They hope that this will be a way to combat superbugs in the future.


This is something that could be the answer bacteria becoming resistant to common antibiotics.  Bacteriophages will only attack the bacteria in a host and should leave the host unharmed. However, since bacteria adapt so quickly it might not be a solution for long.

Critical Analysis:

I found the body’s response to infections very interesting. When the body is overactive it often leads to more problems than the infection itself. Usually, antibiotics were used to control the growth of the bacteria causing the infections, however with antibiotic-resistance growth is becoming harder to control. The bacteriophages ¬†could provide the answer to this and save countless lives in the future.


Is there a way for antibiotic-resistant bacteria to develop a resistance to the bacteriophages that are being used?

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Any news regarding potential solutions to the antibiotic resistant bacteria is good news. Bacteriophages attaches itself to the plasma membrane of bacteria through receptors, so resistance against them may be possible through decrease in these receptors.