Microbes in The News: Transplanted gut microbes may protect babies from infection

Transplanted gut microbes may protect babies from infection

Jana Howden: Cosmosmagazine, 21. April  2017


A  new study in mice showed that particular gut bacteria can provide newborns with a vital protection against infection. A bacterium known as Clostridia helped the mouse pups to digest food and to be protected from infection. The researchers then exposed these mice to C. rodentium and found that only the mice transplanted with added Clostridia were able to resist infection. The team is now conducting further research to uncover the role of Clostridia in defending newborns against infection, human clinical trials are a possibility if the bacterium’s protective potential bears fruit in further animal studies.

I think this relates to a lot of things that we have discussed in this class and many  especially to the lectures on immunology and on pathogens. I found this article  to be very well written and with a lot of relevant and interesting information. I thought  the article did a good job at relaying the information.

Why and how does  Clostridia  protect newborns  from infections?

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This article was a really great read, I totally agree with you that it is well written and it does a good job of not using to advanced of vocabulary. Maybe Clostridia induces an immune response when other infections don’t because they have different receptors on the outside of there cells, allowing the the immune system to then realize there’s a foreign invader and attack those infections.

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