Microbes in the News: Post #2

Article and link: “The Mycobiome” — https://www.the-scientist.com/?articles.view/articleNo/45153/title/The-Mycobiome/


Summary: This article discusses the commonly overlooked mycobiome, which is those fungi which are in and on our bodies. In recent years the microbiome has gained much more attention in both health and human medicine, but the mycobiome is still very much understudied. This article characterizes the human mycobiome and asserts that it is similarly important to human health, and even influences microbial communities. The researchers explored the presence of many different fungi in the oral cavity. As of yet, this field is still in need of scientific development and research.


Connections: I connected this to our brief lectures on fungi, and also to the attention on the human microbiome.


Critical Analysis: I found the idea of the human mycobiome to be interesting. The author ascertains that most people, scientists included, often overlook it. I had never thought of a mycobiome until reading this article myself. I think that the article is well written. It is more directed to readers who have some scientific background, as he provides a detailed outline of his research involving the mycobiome.


Question: What are the implications of the mycobiome, and how much influence does it have on the microbiome and overall human health?

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