Edible Microbed

My art is entirely edible, though there may be some of you out there that hate fondant as much as me, and would not consider it very edible…

My cupcakes are all decorated with microbe related items, some display  different morphologies, like coccus or bacillus, or different features like flagellum or slime.  I got my inspiration by looking for microbial cupcakes online, there were some real masterpieces out there, and they made it look easy.  My cupcakes turned out to be less than masterpieces, the icing I used to do things like the T-4 bacteriophage, and the super coiled DNA melted… in the FREEZER.  I definitely wont use that recipe again. My finished project may not be as attractive as I had hoped, but it is just as tasty.

This first set of microbes was taken before  they melted.  I will probably make more cupcakes closer to the potluck so that they wont have a chance to melt