“A Hand to Life”

In my project called “A Hand to Life’, I wanted to express the importance of Life and Balance in it.

The diversity of species on Earth is balanced so far. Each finger on the Hand represents a “branch’ (a.k.a., domain) from well-known “Phylogenetic Tree’ theory. You can see Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya, viruses (a.k.a., NCLDV) blended together, as we know them.

With the recent increased interest to Space exploration, we must get ready to find something “there’ or never find anything. That’s why there is a “Question mark’ on the “thumb’. We don’t know what is “there’. Is it the Life that we know or is it something that we are not ready to explain? In any way, the Hand represent the readiness to accept whatever is there to our big Family that we want to keep in Peace. But, we don’t want to lose the Balance either…