Art Project

Microbiology Art Project  For my art project, I chose to do an offshoot of a renga.  For those of you who don’t know what a renga is: it is a japanese form of poetry meant for a party occasion.  One performer writes a stanza that is 5, 7, then 5  syllables (you may know that as a haiku) then it is passed to someone who writes a 7, 7 syllable stanza.  This repeats on and on till the renga is complete.  Usually rengas are 100 stanzas, but I stopped at 50.  That’s a lot of stanzas 😀  I wanted to do stanzas that kind of encompass things we learned and experienced in class.  I’m not the best poet, so it’s not the most exciting form of art ever, but I did put time and care into it to make sure I followed the organizational structure, at least.