Dutch and her Microbes

I grew up agriculturally, where the desert meets the mountains. I spent my first 10 years in June Lake, CA and my last 7 in Bishop, where I graduated from high school in 2005 and enlisted on active duty. My brother and my dad is/was artistically blessed, especially when it came to drawing. I also inherited a bit of a creative streak. However, I have the tendency to try multiple types of crafts and I master few. I love to work with my hands and when I get a wild hair, I like to create random things.

I went a bit crazy with all sorts of mediums and I tried a lot of firsts this time around. The bubble quilt was my first quilt I have ever done . Even with its “Picasso” style imperfections, it didn’t turn ¬†out entirely horrid. Besides that, it is comfortable to rest your noggin on while studying. The dream catchers are another first made with willow that I culled from my property and crochet yarn. The gram negative Proteus mirabilis with their Flagella are another first. Finally, I painted my pup using gridlines and a photo of her as the project. I drew her first, then played with paints to paint her.

The theme behind my art project focused on my border collie and her bacterial species I Isolated from her foot for my term project. The bacteria are crocheted and represent the single Flagellar Proteus mirabilis. I will be showcasing my imperfect art in class.