A1: Introductions, Elora Swan

Hey Everyone, my name Is Elora Swan, or just for ease of memory, my nickname is Lou. I am a senior currently, working towards my B.S. in Biology. (Hopefully will get into pre- vet.) I’ve lived in Fairbanks my whole life, and something cool about me is that I recently just got back from Haiti, where we were teaching science classes on the importance of clean water due to microbes. We had to leave quicker then intended due to violet riots, but we got some work done. Ive attached two photos, one of me so you actually know who I am, (I have been riding for 19 years, so its a huge part of who I am.) And one of teaching classes in Haiti to 5th grade village children. We also spent that time getting to know the kids and preparing meals for them. I loved being there and was sad when we had to leave. I am excited for this class, and excited to get to know all of you!