Microbes for Kids

I was inspired to recreate a classic kids book into a story that has some common microbes in it instead. I used the story I read to my daughter everyday, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?” and made it into “Microbe, Microbe, What do you see?” instead. I test read the story to my two year old and although she had no idea how to say the names, she was interested in hearing me tell the story! I included some fun facts about each microbe on the back of each page in order to tie in my knowledge of microbiology into my story.

I used plywood for the pages to mimic the cardboard books that my kid reads. I wrote and drew the pages with paint markers and in some cases let my kid help color in the microbes!

Hope you enjoy!

By Rachel Alexander


Assignment 1: Introduce Yourself

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Alexander and I am half way through my Junior year working on a degree in Biology with a concentration in cellular and molecular biology. I am currently working in a lab on campus participating in a project looking at DNA repair in cells after radiation treatments.  I love being outdoors and spending time with my family! I am looking forward to learning more about microbes and the possibilities they hold.