Painting with Microbes

I did not really have any intent, but I was looking at the different colors of bacteria provided and I noticed that there was a lot of red and
white/yellow. I asked my lab partner what things I could draw that were white and red, and she suggested a candy cane, so that’s what I attempted to paint.

I did my painting on the TSA agar which is a complex medium, which we know is used as a general growth medium for many different typed of bacteria. I used the S. marcescens to create the red color and I think it was the s. enteritidis that I used for the white color.

Painting with Microbes

It was supposed to be flowers but only the MAC plate really showed it well.

Interestingly enough, the MAC showed the best except for the center which showed most on the TSA. It was easier to see in person than in the picture but the petals are made out of two different microbes,  S.marcescens and P.mirablis, but doesn’t show well here.

If I were to do this again, I would’ve probably filled the plate more so that it is easier to see.

Painting With Microbes

Patrick the starfish!
Saitama from OnePunch Man

I decided to paint my favorite cartoon characters – Patrick the starfish and Saitama from OnePunch Man. To paint Patrick, I choose to work with TSA plate because the medium can grow almost every microbes that were given with colors that I wanted. So with TSA plate and S. marcescens (pink colored) I painted Patrick’s outline and it turned out okay!! I wanted to draw his eyes but was scared that microbe would overgrow and ruin the painting so i didn’t.

For Saitama painting, I really hoped the color of the outline would be something more darker, but it did not turn out as I hoped. I’m happy with it though

Microbe Art

I really enjoy Christmas so I find myself drawing Christmas trees quite a bit. My main intent was to see this image done with bacteria. I did it on the TSA plate because I saw on the chart handed out in lab, that p. aeroginosa would turn out green and s. marcescas would be red. The rounded characteristic of the colonies reminded me of bobbles used to decorate trees.

I enjoy drawing flowers so I drew a flower. I wanted to go with something I am comfortable drawing since I have never worked agar as an art media. I used the selective EMB plate which is both selective and differential. I used gram-negative bacteria c. frendii and s. eneritis because they would grow on the media.

Red Cabin Painting With Microbes

This is turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise but oh well.  I was going for a red cabin on grass with trees with yellow leaves and a yellow sun.  Essentially my yellow culture was contaminated with the red bacterium when I was painting on the yellow leaves, and my grass was a bit more yellow than expected.  I am still happy with how it turned out since I’m not a good artist to begin with.  I chose TSA because I used my own culture to color the grass, and that doesn’t show up on the selective media.  I also wanted to keep the red bacterium red and I didn’t know if the yellow would stay yellow on a different media.

Painting with Microbes!

I attempted to depict some of the topics we have discussed in lecture, but as you can see, it did not turn out as well as I had hoped! I tried to paint bacterial conjugation and triclosan (with a sad face!) with not much success. However, my virus turned out quite nicely. Doesn’t look so harmful from this perspective, does it?

Painting with Microbes

I don’t consider myself to be extremely artistic, so I chose three simple designs that I could somewhat portray. The first piece is a cat drawn on the EMB plate. I attempted to make the eyes yellow, but it looks like there was too much growth in the eye area. It was difficult to draw on this plate. The second piece, my favorite, is a flower drawn on the TSA plate. I chose to do a flower on this plate because it seemed to have a larger range of colors than the other plates. I’m ready to be done with this snow outside! The third piece is a snowflake drawn on the MAC plate. It ended up looking more like a spiderweb, but I’m still happy with it. I tried to show the radial symmetry of a snowflake with a color that would stand out. I filled in the empty space for contrast.

Painting with Microbes

One is (allegedly) a scene of sunset over the ocean.  The reason I picked this (other than the fact that my artistic ability is limited to stick figures) is that living in Alaska really makes me miss living in Florida.  Watching the birds fly off into the sunset as the red glow is reflected off the water was a favorite pastime.  For this project, I used S. marcescens for the pinkish hue and citrobacter for the cream color on a TSA plate.

The other (EMB) is a box…. because you can’t keep microbes in a single box (categorically speaking).

The 3rd (MAC) is 3-dimenstional “A”… as in “A” for effort 🙂

Painting with Microbes

Here is my take on painting with microbes. I took insperation from the Pillars of Creation, a small gas and dust structure in the Eagle Nebula. Unfortuently, there were no blue or black microbes, and the bacteria that was supose to be green took the same color as the agar. If I had more colors (and had the thought to paint it mirrored, as it is viewed backwards here) I would paint this again.

Painting With Microbes

Turns out that the only plate that had any growth  for my Painting with Microbes project was this one. I used P. aseoginosa as my bacteria and this was done on a TSA plate. By the time I got to this plate, I had used up all my painting energy on a somewhat detailed depiction of a globe; of course that one didn’t turn out, so please enjoy this artistic depiction of my name! 🙂