A1: Introductions, Elora Swan

Hey Everyone, my name Is Elora Swan, or just for ease of memory, my nickname is Lou. I am a senior currently, working towards my B.S. in Biology. (Hopefully will get into pre- vet.) I’ve lived in Fairbanks my whole life, and something cool about me is that I recently just got back from Haiti, where we were teaching science classes on the importance of clean water due to microbes. We had to leave quicker then intended due to violet riots, but we got some work done. Ive attached two photos, one of me so you actually know who I am, (I have been riding for 19 years, so its a huge part of who I am.) And one of teaching classes in Haiti to 5th grade village children. We also spent that time getting to know the kids and preparing meals for them. I loved being there and was sad when we had to leave. I am excited for this class, and excited to get to know all of you!  

A1: Intro

Hello! My name is Harrison, and I am a Junior studying chemistry. I am very interested in pharmaceutical research and plan on attending pharmacy school in the fall. I am a pharmacy technician at a local pharmacy to gain experience and knowledge for my passion in pharmaceutical studies. When I am not working I spend …

Assignment #1: Introduce Yourself

The yellow/tan bacteria observed in the picture (from www.visualphotos.com) is Streptococcus mutans, a bacteria which plays a major role in the formation/initiation of dental caries.

My name is Kjersten Williams, and I am currently a senior at UAF. I graduated with my Associate’s in Dental Hygiene in Spring 2015, and have since then been working part-time as a dental hygienist while also taking a couple of classes each semester to complete my Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology.

I will continue working in dental hygiene for quite some time with the option to pursue dental school or a career in dental research/lab work in the future. I will be working with a mentor on a research project this semester involving measuring the stable carbon isotope ratios in breath, and am super excited to begin! In my free time, I like reading, cross-stitching, horseback riding, and spending time with my family (including my chinchilla, my horse, and our Schnoodle!).

Introductory Post

Hello all! My name is Chaya Pike, and I am a junior/senior studying Biology and Elementary Education, with a minor in Marine Science. I love taking the amazing concepts I learn in my science courses and translating them for non-scientists to enjoy – this is why I want to teach, though research interests me as well. Last summer I taught a microscope camp for families at the Sitka Sound Science Center, and it was a blast! I was astonished to discover that children as young as six were able to use compound microscopes effectively. In preparing for the camp, we discovered that we had a collection of almost 2000 prepared slides from Sheldon Jackson College, and above is a picture of me cleaning and sorting just a few of them.

A1: Intro Post


My name is Sam Dempster, and I am Senior studying biology. I am very interested in the function of plants, and wish to study/work with plants as a job. I wirked for an independent researcher my sophomore year collecting and analyzing hydrology data; by measuring the radio of deuterium (heavy hydrogen) in water sources, we could calculate which sources of water plants were using over the course of a year! Remember, the Earth is more water then land!

Introductioney Gunk

Hello my name is David Shilha and I need to post something before I sleep. I don’t have and photos of myself on hand and I  don’t wish to take some, so I hope this is good enough for an introductory pic. I’m not a morning person, but I have morning classes all week and get out of class late. As such I love the time that I have outside of class  because it means I can sleep. I don’t have much time for stuff other than class and sleep, but I do enjoy playing games with friends on the weekends. Hopefully this is a decent enough introduction and if not, oh well I’m still going to sleep.

A1: Intro post

Hi! My name is Aasne Hoveid, im am a junior studying biology. I am born in a small town called Alta, in the very north of Norway. Im not shure what i want to do after im done with my undergrad, if il stay in Alaska or go back to Norway. Im really looking forward to this class!This is a picture of me and my dad, rafting down Copper River.

Assignment 1: Introduction

Hi my name is Inho Yeo and I’m from South Korea 🙂

I’m a junior pursuing a biological science degree. I’ve been always interested in viruses, diseases, and other dangerous microbes as well as human immunology so I’m super pumped to learn about those in this course :DDDD YAY

I love to travel. I generally save up money during the school year by literally trying to not buy anything – living the typical college student life with ramen noodles. Then once the school is over I hit off to different countries with few of the cash I have left while serving in  Korean military two years ago. I love visiting other countries to see their landmarks and beautiful natures 😀

This was taken at ‘Gardens by the Bay’ in Singapore during this winter break!! The weather was AMAZING


Assignment 1: Introduce Myself


First attempt this semester at capturing what’s being displayed in my microscope.


My name is Mike Fierro.  I am a senior at UAF seeking a BS in biological sciences.  My birthday was yesterday where I got to spend 9 hours in two classes and two labs, followed by eating, showering, then going to sleep; so as you can tell, I lead a pretty exciting life.  I hope to graduate this semester and figure out what I’m going to do from that point on, as nothing is remotely close to being set in stone as far as what I want to do for an occupation.