Hi guys!

My name is Torie Leach and I am a Senior working on a Biological Sciences degree. I’m planning on pursuing a career in physical therapy. I’m from Colorado and enjoy spending my time outdoors when it’s warmer outside. I’m looking forward to microbiology and gaining more insight to the world around us.  


Hi there! My name is Sandra Kolberg, but you can call me Sandy. As of right now, I am a junior working on my Bachelor’s in Biochemistry. My hobbies include painting, drawing, backpacking, and napping; generally not at the same time. I’m excited for this semester and all there is to learn about Microbiology!

Assignment 1: Introduction

Hi there! My name is Amanda Garner and I am in the third year of my biological sciences degree with a concentration in physiology. Like many people in this class, I’m excited to learn about the medical implications of microbes and disease.

I love to travel when I’m not studying biology and health. I visited Rome in the summer of 2015, shown here.

Assignment 1: Introduction

Hey everyone,

I’m Giulia Zedda, I go by Julie (much easier to spell) and I’m from Sardinia, Italy. I’ve been an exchange student here for three years and I’m now in my last semester as a Biology undergrad before I start Vet school.

I’m mainly interested in the medical applications of Microbiology (infectious diseases and such).  In the picture you can see me and about half  of my dog’s gigantic head.

Assignment 1: Introduction

Hello! My name is Kimberly Fitzgerald, but you can call me Kim. I am a super senior Biology major here at UAF with a concentration in Physiology. I enjoy learning about how everything works together, and how we can be our best/healthiest selves. I have lived in Fairbanks my whole life and I love it! This is a picture of me from a few years ago backpacking in Glacier National Park. This is a common look on my face, but I am actually always in a pretty good mood (:


Assignment 1: Introducing myself

Hey Everyone, My name is Benjamin Hedges. Ben is fine.


I am a Biology major with a concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology and a minor in Mathematics. My interests are diverse but are slowly converging to microbial ecology, archaea, and mechanisms of bioremediation.

I am also participating in undergraduate research on bioremediation of fuel spills in Dr. Leigh’s lab (yay for unfair advantages!).


Assignment 1: Introduction

Icefishing a couple weeks ago when I was back home!
Here’s a picture where you can actually see my face. I was counting caribou from a bush-plane for a summer job!

Hello, all. My name is Connor Ito, my major is General Biology and my minor is in the Arts! I’m currently a junior. Most of my interests are directly related to my current academic pursuits; I am an avid outdoorsperson and enjoy sketching, painting, and other creative endeavors.

This is actually my second time studying microbiology with Dr. Leigh. I was a RAHI Research student and worked for a short time in her lab investigating a fungal remedy for the sulfolane contamination in North Pole.

Assignment 1: Introduce Yourself

Hey guys! My name is Mark Velasco and I am a junior majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Music Performance in the area of percussion. Currently, i perform with the UAF Wind Symphony and with the percussion group Ensemble 64.8. In total i’ve probably been playing for about 9 years. Back to the class, i am very excited to see what we will learn in  Microbiology.

Me after running the Bear Crawl obstacle course in my home town Kodiak, Alaska.